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Posted by / 03-Sep-2016 04:17

Young celebrities dating older celebrities

Maybe age is just a number, but there are plenty of women in Hollywood who are closer in age to these men.

Here are 11 celebrities who dared to date teenagers!

Kate Hudson has always had a soft spot for musicians.

In 2000, she married former Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson, and in 2011, she got engaged to Muse singer Matthew Bellamy.

Though they are no longer dating, Brande was at the time only 26 years old, and Hugh was 74.

When he was 24, he began dating 17-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

“We try to keep it more under wraps because it is a lot more meaningful that way,” he said.

“At this point we don’t need all the free press.” It sounds like he knew that dating an underage girl wouldn’t look good, but he couldn’t help himself – he likes them young!

She may be America's sweetheart, but she also has a taste for young blood.

The star's largest dating age difference was a 16-year gap between her and ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling.

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