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Yamapi dating

As usual Yamapi’s agency Johnny & Associates has been wishy-washy on the subject, but it’s said that the agency simply “tolerated” the relationship for the past year because it was just dating.

Yamapi has dated many other female entertainers in the past.

Throughout the past couple months many tabloids such as FRIDAY continued to report on the rumored relationship, with Yamapi being spotted going over to Satomi’s home many times during the week.

One tabloid reporter even claims that the two have taken their relationship to the next level and are now semi-cohabited.

At Horikoshi, he shared a classroom with celebrities such as Koki Tanaka, Koike Teppei, and Yu Shirota.What makes this rumored relationship interesting is that both Yamapi and Satomi have been billed as “Co-star killers” by some tabloids, having been romantically linked to many of their previous co-stars.Most recently Satomi was linked to J SOUL BROTHERS member Takanori Iwata, who both starred in the 2014 Fuji television series “Dear Sister”.However, with the rumors that the two are now semi-cohabited whispers of marriage possibilities have started to stem from that which has Johnny’s very annoyed.In the past, it’s been said that a lot of Johnny’s talents have postponed marriage due to the fear of fan backlash.

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What do you do when your dream company offers you a job, yet when you arrive, you are assigned a role completely the opposite of what you wanted to do? Then ’s actresses, Satomi Ishihara (石原さとみ), is for you!

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