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Pershing; 3 Presidential Councils Scrapped After Trump's Charlottesville Remarks.Twenty minutes to midnight on February 25, 2013, and a day before the board of the Central Bank of Nigeria was due to meet, Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi developed a craving for romance—he badly needed a kiss. Maryam Yaro, a married mother of two, an assistant director and subordinate to the governor at the CBN, arrived Sanusi’s unnamed Abuja hotel, seeking to keep the date and help address her boss’ craving for a kiss. Sanusi and checked into a hotel in the city, skipping work, at taxpayers’ expense, on Thursday February 28 and Friday, March 1. Yaro’s date, the CBN governor arrived Lagos, travelling on a chartered flight, on the night of February 28, and checked into the Federal Palace Hotel, passage and boarding all at taxpayers’ expense. “You have revived in me what I thought I lost long ago. “Forget all the pretences, he is a shameless man of loose character.” Investigations by this newspaper revealed that Mr. Yaro, without complying with the CBN recruitment policy that stressed, “all appointments shall be made on the basis of merit, through a fair and open selection process.” “The principles underlying the recruitment process are those of fairness, credibility, equal employment opportunities, merit and optimization of career prospects for currently employed staff,” the bank said on its website. Yaro, insiders say, was hired in July 2012 without adherence to these principles. Yaro, who was a staff at the National Programme on Food Security, an agency under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, was brought into the bank as assistant director without “advert for the vacancy and after a kangaroo interview.” When contacted, Mr.The governor, married, with children, grabbed his mobile phone and typed out a message. (Insiders say board members, including those who live in Abuja, are usually lodged in hotels ahead of board meetings). Yaro left the hotel to return to her official desk at the CBN, the duo had also struck out an arrangement to spend the rest of the week together in Lagos. I thought I lost the passion to love again,” she claimed. Sanusi said due process was followed in hiring Mrs. He said having worked for years in the ministry of agric, Mrs. She was my student in Yola and she later came to ABU Zaria.“Maybe you should come kiss me before board meeting tomorrow,” Mr. Yaro came highly recommended and qualified for the job for which she was hired. We have been very good friends but this is not why NIRSAL took her.

Aired 8-9p ET • Protesters Gather Outside Trump's Phoenix Rally; NYT: Mc Connell, In Private, Doubts If Trump Can Save Presidency; Emails: Breitbart Editor Pledges To Do "Dirty Work" For Bannon; Mixed Messages From Trump And Tillerson on Afghanistan; Report: Mc Master Lobbied Trump With 1972 Afghanistan Miniskirt Photo.“Every time we talked to them,” the director said, “they were always saying, ‘We want to stay here – this is what God has told us to do.This is what we want to do.’ They just wanted to stay and share the gospel.” While we drink our Fair Trade coffee and pray for the recovery of our gay pride flags, our brothers and sisters in Christ are risking everything to share the gospel with those who are being lost.Fortunately, Gingrich has found a leader to bring down the Iranian regime and ensure the freedom of mankind. Iran would be smashed like Iraq, and its inevitable rise, as the largest and most advanced country on the Persian Gulf, would be aborted. But Iran does not want war with the United States — for the best of reasons.

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Hence, “the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran.”Good luck. Bush who ordered the Sunni regime of Saddam overthrown, delivering Iraq to its Shiite majority.

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