Why dating a married man is a bad idea

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Why dating a married man is a bad idea

Saying it out loud -- even in your mind -- feels kind of desperate, kind of unfeminist, kind of definitely not you, or at least not any you that you recognize.

You started to -- and for the first time ever you began to have feelings about the fact that you're not married. But suddenly (it was so sudden) you found yourself wondering... So without further ado, let's look at the top six reasons why you're not married.

It’s every woman’s dream to be second-best isn’t it?

Coming from a man who's had so much experience helping women in real life, who has so many success stories in his track record and has a distinctly masculine point of view is just so incredibly valuable.

Most daters on mainstream sites like OKCupid, Tinder and are white.

It basically comes down to this: I've been married three times. To a very nice MBA at 19; a very nice minister's son at 32 (and pregnant); and at 40, to a very nice liar and cheater who was just like my dad, if my dad had gone to Harvard instead of doing multiple stints in federal prison. Her memoir I Love You and I'm Leaving You Anyway is now available in paperback from Harper Collins/It Books.

You think you're super smart, or if you've been to a lot of therapy, that you're setting boundaries. Which is also to say -- if what you really want is a baby, go get you one. Tracy Mc Millan is a TV writer whose credits include Mad Men and The United States of Tara.

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