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When her stepfather reported her missing, Peterson said that Laci, 27, had been planning on walking their golden retriever at a nearby park when he last saw her. Brent would later tell Scott in court, after his brother-in-law was sentenced to death, that he had purchased a gun with a mind to kill Scott himself but decided to let fate have its way with him.

Peterson has been on death row for the last 12 years for the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, who was 8 months pregnant with their son when she disappeared on Dec. Though Scott is the opposite of what one might call a "sympathetic" character, and there's been no mainstream clamor for a -style reexamination of the justice system that convicted him, the sordid specifics of the crime and the chillingly normal-seeming man who turned out to be a killer remain morbidly fascinating subjects 15 years after Laci's death.

Not least because Scott insists he's innocent."I couldn't feel my feet on the floor. My vision was even a little blurry," Scott, recalling the moment he was convicted, is heard saying on a previously unreleased audio tape in the A&E docu-series , premiering tonight.

But all this begs the question: if you've been instructed on exactly how to run your hands up and down a woman to make her feel sexy, does that make the chemistry more or less real?

There's always gossip amongst the skating world about who is dating whom - and on a previous episode of Tessa & Scott, we saw Tessa agree to a date with another skater, not Scott. Throughout the coaching this season we've seem them up the ante on sexual energy.

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He had gone fishing earlier in the day at the Berkeley Marina, he said. The dog, leash attached, had since been found by a neighbor and returned to the Petersons' yard. 28, family and friends were offering a $125,000 reward for Laci's safe return, missing person fliers papered the town, the FBI was called in to assist local authorities and the search had expanded to comb 4,000 acres of wetlands along the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and San Joaquin rivers. Scott theoretically should have been the distraught husband, pleading for any information about his wife's disappearance, tirelessly combing the area for her with the police and countless volunteers.

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