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Filming for the series was interrupted by the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike in November 2007, after production on the two-episode tornado storyline wrapped.The first part, "Something's Coming", aired on December 2, 2007.Not Dana, who started her career at 21 playing a professional virgin (‘quite a stretch,’ as the straight-talking star drily remarks) on a daytime TV soap, won her Emmys for tough army nurse Colleen Mc Murphy in the 1988-91 TV mini-series ‘It was very clever of Marc to make Bree and Katherine clash because we’re the two control freaks in the story – and he was building on the history of me being offered the role of Bree first,’ says Dana, laughing at the mischief-making. ‘I thought, “This concept is so retro, what happened to feminism?” And in fact a lot of people had doubts about the show to begin with, because they thought that female-friendship thing had already been done with The paradox, however, is that in real life this self-possessed 52-year-old who has never married or had children is as far from being a housewife – and especially a desperate one – as you can possibly get.In 1988, she got the role of Colleen Mc Murphy in the popular TV series “China Beach.” Her character was loved by the audience as well as the critics. And what's worse, she began making money dealing coke.

She has been cast as the mysterious Katherine Mayfair, Bree’s new rival in the red-haired ice-queen department.

Some of the other stars pictured here on the carpet include Minnie Driver, Patricia Clarkson, Megan Mullally and hubby Nick Offerman, and Cheryl Hines.

The fourth season of Desperate Housewives, an American television series created by Marc Cherry, premiered on September 30, 2007 on ABC.

She is also a producer, health activist and the presenter.

She was born on 13th of March, 1956 in New York City.

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