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In her video, Zoella, 27, gushed: "I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life.I'm so happy and I just feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world.We're so aware that we're in the luckiest position that we're able to do this and we're so grateful.The UK internet's power couple have revealed they are paying the price for their fame as they struggle to maintain their private lives.Detailing the extensive security measures, Deyes said in a recent vlog: "We have so much security and tech in this house. We've got things in the corner of every room that as soon as we go to bed, or if we go to sleep or into particular rooms, the security kicks in.If we ever get broken into or there are any intruders, they make an instant call to the police." Deyes, who boasts 3.9 million subscribers, continued: "Another thing we have in this house, which I didn't know we were getting but I love it and it makes me feel really safe, is panic buttons. If you press it at any time, 24/7 365 days a year, every single police car in the area that's available will come to the house. The police will climb over the walls to the house and check every single place in the entire house. They monitor over all the walls around the house, and above all the gates.So, I thought it would be really nice to hand things over to you and your questions and give me a chance to, well just speak about stuff and things .. I’m a rubbish question answerer (is that even a thing?! It’s a bit of a strange one, because my name is Poppy and always has been, but my first name and ‘real name’ is Emma. I’m often shopping and fall in love with a top which is nearly identical to every other top I own, but I obviously have to get it as the stripe is just that bit thicker than the last one. If you could visit any one place, where would it be?) BUT I hope they make some sense and that you enjoy the post. It’s a long story, but to cut short my parents couldn’t decide, and my nan loved the name Emma, so Emma comes first and Poppy is my middle. Right now there are so many places on my list that I want to tick off that I’d find it hard to name just one.

You Tube power couple Zoella and Alfie are celebrating another milestone in their relationship, moving into a beautiful new home.

When people ring on the door bell or come up to the gates, it's all recorded and tracked, and their faces are detected.

I feel so safe in here." Helicopters, face detectors and police jumping over walls?

Let me know some of your answers to these same questions in the comments. Everyone has always called me Poppy, everyone except my mum – my mum calls me both, which I’m used to. We’re off to Amsterdam in December and I can’t wait. What’s your favourite thing that you own in your flat? I think things, whether it’s food, or products, or clothes laid out.

It’s only ever been confusing when starting a new job, or when I was in a new class at school, and introduced as Emma. I studied Fine Art at Kingston University, and graduated in 2014. The freedom to be able to write and photograph absolutely everything and anything. Aside from sentimental things, my favourite item that we’ve bought since moving in would have to be our marble coffee table from Heals. I love wrapping up, I love winter outfits, I loveeee the mulled wine and Christmas markets, but most importantly I just love the atmosphere, when everyone around you feels warmer, in every sense. I love arranging things, usually over and over again.

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