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"She is divorced and never lied to her ex about falling for Keith.She told him the day she returned from gave her a new perspective on life and love and made her realize that life is too short to be unhappy," added the source.But Rumor Fix has exclusively learned that Fallgatter filed for divorce soon after his wife called him and admitted that she cheated on him.Their self-titled EP is available now on i Tunes along with their debut single, “Red Hot American Summer,” co-written by Whitney, Ashlee, Shelby and Blair Daly.One of the greatest physical threats in the game’s Name (Age): John Cochran (24) Tribe: Savaii Personal Claim to Fame: I won the Dean’s Scholar Prize at Harvard Law for an essay I wrote on the “Survivor” jury system.Think you could survive another season of competition and deprivation in the wild? Survivor: South Pacific is returning for its 23rd season!

Her father is a state environmentalist and her mother is a schoolteacher.A source tells the magazine that Fallgatter “was totally faithful while she was gone,” but claims his wife did not return the courtesy.Apparently, when Duncan called her husband before returning home, she didn’t sound like herself, and he immediately felt something was up.“Sometimes where one starts off is not where one ends up, which is a big theme for us on surpassed the four-million sales mark and “I Knew You Were Trouble” from the album hit three million.4 episode of “The Bachelor” resulted in a 220 percent increase in sales of her single, “Home to Me.” Sarah returns to the reality dating show on Tuesday, Feb.“When we set out to record , the three of us drove across the country to work with one of our musical superheroes, Rick Rubin,” Reid Perry explains.“Our time in the studio with Rick was so incredible because he challenged us to set higher goals as songwriters.” “With that experience came the realization that we needed to take the music back home to Tennessee and have Dann Huff bring the songs to life with his production,” adds Neil Perry."I'm going to marry this man," Duncan tweeted along with a photo of her kissing Tollefson.

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Unless you were too busy watching Brandon Hantz Crazy Pants’ outbursts at tribal council, you probably noticed a few of the castaways from this season’s Survivor getting a tad friendly with one another. Two members of Savaii’s former Team Pretty, Whitney Duncan, 27, and Keith Tollefson, 26, had a total spark for each other during their time in the South Pacific. However, one additional player has come out of the woodwork… While the story of Whitney and Donny’s relationship is different than most, the couple was definitely married when she appeared on the show.

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