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" well, those people did not see this coming, and neither did I.I understand that by moving the show to Thursday night in an attempt to win over a new and larger audience, "New Girl" had to play it safe. The gang fights over the communal phone charger, until Nick and Jess are left by themselves. "Definitely not make out," jokes Nick, and puts his hand on her upper boob -- the most underrated part of the boob, of course.But word to the wise -- either do it already, or have Nick screw up in his oh-so-typical Nick Miller way. In an attempt to ease up the awkwardness, Jess asks him what's going on and what are they doing."We're roommates who've made out a couple times and are attracted to each other and are really good friends, and sometimes genuinely kind of hate each other.Nick, meanwhile, consults his water therapy buddy Tran (remember Tran?Whether you were one of the first in your class to get boobs, or you're still waiting for yours to grow, it can be hard not to worry sometimes about how your chest measures up.

Mygirlfriend and I have been dating each other for a while now.Well, I touched her breast but just the top part not her nipples or anything.I also tried to touch her posterior, and I think almost everyone does that because when people are in a serous relationship they just felt really comfortable.or so should have been written on the opening precursor to tonight's episode right alongside "viewer discretion advised." We are now witnessing the world's most drawn-out foreplay and it is getting a bit exhausting.When people worried that Nick and Jess were moving too fast and "whatever will they do in Season 3 to keep up the tension?

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