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Web4 sex

Ancient texts from India describe human activity as falling into one of three states, or qualities, called, in the Sanskrit language, tama, raja and sattva.

Each characterizes a specific state of awareness and is reflected in all the ways we live our lives, including how we eat and how we make love.

Now, before everyone grabs their pitchforks and torches, do a little examining as to what baggage you’re bringing to that statement, because in truth, the statement is neutral. Even people who have “perfect” lives have moments where they wish something were easier or somehow different.If you ask people why they maintain Second Life accounts, you will get as many different answers as the people you ask. Several articles have come out recently talking about how in the past several years, Second Life has been actively courting corporate and other real world business concerns at the expense of the majority of residents (account holders) who are primarily there for play and entertainment, to the detriment of the user base.However, they all share that one commonality: Second Life allows us to do things that would be physically impossible, logistically difficult, and/or financially prohibitive in real life. I can see that argument, and I don’t really think it’s largely untrue.Throughout America's history there has been a considerably sex-negative political atmosphere.This has, in turn, resulted in some of the highest rates of STDs, and teen pregnancies in the industrialized world.

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By understanding these qualities, we can transform our sexual activity into a sacred event. Once relief is achieved, the whole matter of the itch disappears.

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