Watch if you are the one dating show

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Watch if you are the one dating show

), China’s most famous dating show and one of China’s most popular television shows in general.So popular it's watched by roughly 300 million people -- the entire population of the US -- each week.Feicheng Wurao, translated into English as "If You Are the One", is among the three most popular TV shows in China. Twenty-four beautiful singles assess one young man who is gradually introduced to them as the show progresses.

But when I took up a job offer back in Beijing things started becoming a bit bizarre.

Feicheng Wurao is hosted by TV presenter Meng Fei, whom the show has brought national popularity.

His ready smile and winning manner give the program its amiable, humorous ethos, which he livens up with jokes and quips.

It's filmed in Nanjing, the old capital of China, and airs on Jiangsu Satellite TV.

is likely about to gain even more viewers as the government has recently cracked down on entertainment programs, decreasing the number aired from 126 to 38 every week.

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