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HTC Peep is vulnerable to two different credentials disclosure vulnerabilities during the authentication process against the Twitter service ( count=50&page=1 HTTP/1.1 Accept: text/xml, application/xml;q=0.9, */*;q=0 Authorization: Basic BASE64("USERNAME: PASSWORD") User-Agent: Twitter Engine Host: OAuth is a technology that enables applications to access a service, in this case Twitter, on behalf of the user, with the user approval, without asking the user directly for (or storing) her password.

During the authentication process, the HTC Peep app establishes an HTTP (TCP/80) connection against the servers, sending a few HTTP OAuth-related requests. HTTP Basic authentication is one of the most basic, hence the name, and insecure web-based authentication mechanisms.

Being a Google fanboy, the idea of a 1Ghz tablet running Android had me very intruiged and I ordered one for $AU280. I quickly discovered that it is an absolute piece of garbage and here is why: 1. There is no access to the Android Market out of the box.

It does not in fact have a 1Ghz processor as advertisied, it is an ARM11 CPU with a coreclock of 800MHz. You can get access to the market by following a series of unnecessarily complicated steps, which I did and they indeed work a treet.

Please note that secure https (SSL) connections are not supported. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Makes my apps that required Black Berry Enterprise connections work over Wi Fi just like it says.

Wi Fi X comes with settings for many apps, including: Berryweather, Beyond411, Black Berry Maps, Bloomberg,, Facebook, Flixster, Freerange, Garmin Mobile, GMail, Google Maps, Google Mobile App, IM Lite, MSN, My Space, Open Beak, Opera Mini, Pocket Express, Poynt, Sports Illustrated, Tiggit Mail, Tune Wiki, Ubertwitter, Viigo, Weather Eye, Whats App, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo! --- REVIEWS --- ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Google Maps over wifi, how could Google have missed this? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Couldn't have flashed my Black Berry without this wonderful tool.

✔ Options - Device - Application Management - Edit Permissions, set Internet permission to prompt.

Title: Twitter credentials disclosure in HTC Peep mobile app (default HTC Twitter client) Vulnerability ID: TAD-2011-001 Credits: This vulnerability was discovered by Raul Siles, Founder and Senior Security Analyst with Taddong ( Publication date: February 4, 2011 Last update: March 17, 2011 - FOTA fixes released by HTC for Tattoo & Hero. Vendors contacted: HTC (and MITRE - CVE ID) Vulnerability description: The default Twitter client (or application) in HTC mobile devices is called HTC Peep.

This causes the wifi to drop out if you walk more than 5m away from your access point. It is called an e Pad, with the ‘e’ of their logo directly ripped off from the Microsoft Internet Explorer logo.However, as this advisory demonstrate, technology must be implemented properly.In February 2005, RIM secretly acquires its first software company in order to ensure that a new technology on how to author and then how to distribute mobile applications could be brought to market without encroaching on Nextair's solid patents.Aerize Wi Fi X is fully configurable to support unlimited apps allowing a connection to be routed over any network connection including BES, BIS, TCP/IP, WAP, WAP2, or Wi Fi -- Utilize Black Berry networkings full potential with Aerize Wi Fi X. Notable Features: ✔ Route cellular network connections over Wi Fi ✔ Route Wi Fi connections over various cellular networks ✔ Route WAP connections to and from TCP, BIS, and BES connections Aerize Wi Fi X is an extremely powerful networking utility and a cult favorite with the underground flashing community, enabling devices without proper Black Berry Service Books to enable Internet connectivity over standard mobile data networks.

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The Cluetrain Manifesto – a great website that became a terrific email list, that ultimately evolved into an important book, a ton of media coverage, and a veritable explosion of game-changing ideas – had four authors.

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