Vemail is not updating

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Vemail is not updating

If that works, you can rule out a connection problem between your i Phone and the internet, but your mail service might be having issues.To rule the latter point out, we will check for further issues on your i Phone. This re-enables your internet connection and helps to reset any potential issues.If that does not clear the issue, the steps below should start your email automatically syncing.Troubleshooting email sync on an Android device is the same as it is on every other device, start by turning everything off and see if syncing works.Specifically, turn OFF Wi Fi and turn off Power Saving. 3: In Settings (swipe down from the top) ensure SYNC is turned on 4: Press an hold SYNC, and ensure your MICROSOFT EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC or other email account is included in the Accounts to Sync list 5: Ensure your email account is included in the ACCOUNTS list Perhaps the sync is working but you have email NOTIFICATIONS turned off.1: In settings (swipe down from the top), press and hold POWER MANAGE ensure that RESTRICT ALL BACKGROUND DATA is turned OFF (is grey) 2: Confirm you have connectivity to the internet. to reveal the Control Center, then tap the Airplane Mode icon to switch off all of the connectivity features built into your i Phone. If you tend to use several networks or guest Wi Fi networks, it makes sense to take a quick look at the Settings app and your connections within it.You might be connected to a restricted network or one that simply doesn’t have the required ports open for email.

Sometimes, the Mail app on your i Phone will start acting up and simply not refresh or fetch new mail.

Usually, the issue is found in the Mail client not fully downloading an email from the server and thus it cannot be displayed properly.

There are multiple ways of troubleshooting this “email not updating” problem, here’s a guide on how to solve the issue.

Troubleshooting tech veterans know that many issues are connection-related.

Check your internet connection by going to a random website in Safari and tapping a link to see if it loads.

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