Validating user control No registation sex datiing

Posted by / 23-Aug-2016 13:22

After debugging the javascript for the validation, Control To Validate property generate the wrong element ID of the control, “dnn_ctr433_Manage LCELoader_ctl00_ddl Exam Year“.

Recently I stumbled across the problem of needing to validate user input supplied to a Custom User Control.

How can I expose this control via the usercontrol to allow validation?

The error I am currently getting is as follows: ...

But no error message shown after the validation is called.I have a user control 'U' that consists of a server/composite control 'C'.C consists of a textbox 'T' and a datepicker 'D' and implements INaming Container. The validationproperty of C is set to the 'Text' property of T.I have a wrapper User Control control around a Drop Down List for managing language specific translation on the Drop Down List values. I also have a required field validator that is requried for the inner dropdownlist.

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This property will accept a unique string value for Validation Group and will assign it to all the required server controls.

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