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SSL certificate providers employ different methods for verifying the identities of the organization or individual purchasing SSL certificates.Unfortunately, not all validation processes meet the same standards. Certificates verified using organization validation (OV) or practices contain the verified name of the entity that controls the website.It requires the delegated account password or explicit authorizations granted by the system administrator.The user login delegation described in the patent of Mercredi and Frey is also an identity delegation.If the delegation is achieved by assigning the roles of a delegator to a delegatee then it would not only be a case of over-delegation but also the problem that the delegator has to figure out what roles, in the complex hierarchy of RBAC, are necessary to perform a particular job.These types of problems are not present in identity delegation mechanisms and normally the user interface is simpler. During verification of an EV SSL Certificate, the owner of the website passes a thorough and globally standardized identity verification process (a set of vetting principles and policies ratified by the CA/Browser forum) to prove exclusive rights to use a domain, confirm its legal, operational and physical existence, and prove the entity has authorized the issuance of the certificate.This verified identity information is included within the certificate, with some pieces, including business name and country, presented directly in the browser window.

In contrast, Domain Validated certificates are typically verified and issued through automated processes.

App Identity Error: # Invalid token userid = idinfo['sub'] endpoint.

Calling this endpoint involves an additional network request that does most of the validation for you, but introduces some latency and the potential for network errors.

Then, on the server, verify the integrity of the ID token and retrieve the user's ID from the , on your backend server. = null) else var Google Auth = require('google-auth-library'); var auth = new Google Auth; var client = new auth.

A modified client application can send arbitrary user IDs to your server to impersonate users, so you must instead use verifiable ID tokens to securely get the user IDs of signed-in users on the server xhr = new XMLHttp Request();'POST', ''); Request Header('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); xhr.onload = function() ; xhr.send('idtoken=' id_token);import com.client.oauth2. OAuth2(CLIENT_ID, '', ''); client.verify Id Token( token, CLIENT_ID, // Or, if multiple clients access the backend: //[CLIENT_ID_1, CLIENT_ID_2, CLIENT_ID_3], function(e, login) ); from oauth2client import client, crypt # (Receive token by HTTPS POST) try: idinfo = client.verify_id_token(token, CLIENT_ID) # Or, if multiple clients access the backend server: #idinfo = client.verify_id_token(token, None) #if idinfo['aud'] not in [CLIENT_ID_1, CLIENT_ID_2, CLIENT_ID_3]: # raise crypt.

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