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Posted by / 18-Oct-2016 16:32

These validator controls will fire even when we navigate between the controls on the page.For example, declare a Required Field Validator and associate with a Text Box control. Normally, these validation controls will fire when the data is entered in the input controls are not valid and prevent the user to post the data to server. Net has packed with a handful of inbuilt validation control that assists us in client side input validations.

Using this class as my selection, I’m able to have multiple groups of controls wrapped in a FIELDSET validated separately.

That’s it, with those three little little steps (Custom Validate Method, Disable Default/Auto Bind, Manual bind button to custom event), you now have a working validate by FIELDSET (or any other grouping control) solution. NET will render a Check Box or a Check Box List with an auto generated unique name attribute.

This becomes a problem when you want to validate the group, since you can’t set a common name attribute for all the elements.

Sometimes, when we build an input processing forms we might come across situations where we need to validate controls based on some conditions.

For example, we can make a textbox to be required field only when a checkbox is checked or a dropdownlist value, etc.

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Using this value you can stop the execution of the client-side function in case the page is not validated. On the ASPX page markup below are added a Text Box, which is validated with Required Field Validator.