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Updating ruby mac os x

ruby-build and rbenv-gem-rehash are both rbenv plugins.ruby-build allows you to install rubies with rbenv and rbenv-gem-rehash automatically hashes new gems for you when they are installed.

1.8.4 is on fink now, I installed it on a machine last night. I have a mac os X, and I udated thisweekend my Ruby and gems version without any problem following this article:

unknown7c11be8d1064:~ andrew$ brew install rbenv Error: rbenv-0.4.0 already installed But, afterward: Downloading yaml-0.1.4gz...

I recently needed to do a small scripting job in Ruby, and to use the gems required I needed to be on the latest version of Ruby (2.4.1).

From what I understand this is because now there are two version of ruby installed.

(See: How can I switch to ruby 1.9.3 installed using Homebrew?

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