Updating of a fixed capital

Posted by / 20-Jul-2017 20:53

Updating of a fixed capital

In July 2016, the Fixed Asset Confirmation Tool was introduced to the University community to conduct the annual fixed asset confirmations for FY 2016.

In May 2017, we have refreshed the data on the Fixed Asset Confirmation Tool based on the over 3600 confirmation received for FY 2016.

Companies had to meet these minimum capital and surplus requirements in order to be licensed and write business in the state. The NAIC established a working group to look at the feasibility of developing a statutory risk-based capital requirement for insurers.Risk-Based Capital (RBC) is a method of measuring the minimum amount of capital appropriate for a reporting entity to support its overall business operations in consideration of its size and risk profile. It requires a company with a higher amount of risk to hold a higher amount of capital.Capital provides a cushion to a company against insolvency.The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Revision 3 and 4 pertaining to the manufacturing, which comprises more than 150 manufacturing sectors and sub-sectors.There are two types of Capex – those that are invested in to maintain existing levels of operation within a company and those that are invested in something new to foster future growth.

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