Updating netapp firmware

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The firmware files are stored in the /mroot/etc/disk_fw directory on the node. The revision part of the file name is the number against which the node compares each disk's current firmware version.

The firmware file name is in the form of "product-ID.revision. For example, if the firmware file is for Seagate disks with product ID X225_ST336704FC and the firmware version is NA02, the filename is X225_ST336704FC. If the node in this example contains disks with firmware version NA01, the /mroot/etc/disk_fw/X225_ST336704FC. LOD file is used to update every eligible disk when you execute this command.

node run -node NODE1 rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3[/php] Check the date against the date show in step 1.

If the date is the same as the Disk Qualification Package then you don’t need to update it.

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Therefore, the network sessions that use the concerned node must be terminated before running the command.

This is particularly true for CIFS sessions that might be terminated when this command is executed.

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command to manually update firmware on all disks or a specified list of disks on a node.

However, the recommended way to update disk firmware in a cluster is to enable automatic background firmware update by enabling the parameter.

This command can make the disks inaccessible for up to five minutes after the start of its execution.

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Now that the disk qualification package has been installed we can go ahead and install the latest disk firmware Drag and drop the file you downloaded from Netapp Disk Firmware into the HTTP File Server We are going to jump from admin mode into advanced mode on our Netapp cluster.

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