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Updating gateway bios

I am looking for the bios update for my gateway 4dx2.

I went to the bios maker Phoenix bios, but they no longer support bios updates and forward people to

It became a well-known brand in 1991 when it started shipping its computer hardware in piebald boxes and for its creative advertising in Computer Shopper and other magazines.

I realize that some of the older bios chips were not flashable but the first machine I purchased was used in a family business and I'm sure it was updated to handle a larger hard drive, the chip on this motherboard is soldered in place but I'm confident it can be flashed and all I need is the flash program to make it work.I went there, they scanned my pc, said I needed a bios update, made me make a ticket, but sent me the wrong bios.I am going back and forth with some guy in pakistan and it is annoying me that I cant get this bios.Why not sell it instead for the next person who wants to pay too much?https:// INTEL 586 MBDSAC009AEWW, AA 634784-608maybehttps://softwiki.net/Gateway_Mercury_Motherboard_BIOS_Update.htmlhttps://softwiki.net/Gateway_Neptune_Motherboard_BIOS_Update.htmlhttps://softwiki.net/Gateway_Flash_BIOS_for_Older_Vesa_Bus_I did google and more (duckduckgo) along with more sleuthing and only ended up in dead pages.

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I had to do some repair to it after a drink was spilled into it but I cleaned it out and its been fine, sorta... I'm forced to use hibernate where you would normally use sleep.

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