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@SAMPro: The question says, "I need to update the label[s] of these field codes …" and "How do I search for all the field codes … " My answer lets you find the first field, and then the second, and then the third, and so on ….I do not understand why you consider this not to be searching for all the field codes (in order to update them all)[email protected]: I believe your comment shows that you have a question/situation that is different from John's.If it can be updated by pressing , I want it updated. (In theory updating fields can cause other fields to need updating, e.g. Sub Update All Fields() Update All Fields In Active Document End Sub Working for me now in Word 2010 (where the setting is in“File → Options → Display”).are the often-underappreciated placeholders that work behind the scenes in a document.They help perform the magic involved with many of the most powerful features in Word, such as mail merging, indexing, automatic generation of tables of contents, automatic figure numbering, cross-referencing, page numbering, and more.There are many different types of fields, each with a specific purpose, but they break down into three main categories.

I just want to have a single macro that finds everything.) My attempt so far doesn't update fields in text boxes inside figures. Now, I need to update the label of these field codes, but I don't want to skim the document for them. It doesn't say, "How do I search for the field code(s) that meet criteria X, Y, and Z?How do I search for all the field codes I have in my DOC document? The other boxes in the palette let you search / navigate for endnotes, footnotes, comments, section breaks, pages, edits (go back to the last three places you made changes), headings, graphics, tables, and, of course, ordinary text find. " or "How do I do a Find and Replace that affects field codes (and field codes only)?You can use fields to do the following: Yet another way to use fields is to create user-interactive forms.In this chapter, you see how fields work and how to insert them, and you find out how to use form fields to create forms.

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