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Udating my yard

To report water waste, please complete a Water Waste report.To help conserve water you can visit the Conservation page, save20gallons.org, and for water saving tips. A man working on a water heater outside in his yard looks over to see a small military drone crashed in the dirt, colored lights flashing, the tail section squirming around — and a mounted camera lens moving back and forth. About three months after initially saying “Fort Carson is conducting an investigation and will share results as soon as they are available,” base spokeswoman Dani Johnson says, “Please request the results of the investigation through FOIA.”It sounds like the opening scene of some dystopian film set in the near future.Your email address is used only for sending you the latest posting and is not shared.This list is set up ONLY to send messages from the listowner.Since August 2014, the City’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) has set water reduction targets ranging from 20%-30% calling upon the City’s residents and businesses to save water by reducing outdoor irrigation days and times, utilizing water-efficient practices, and discouraging wasteful uses of water.

The rogue drone that crash-landed in his yard was an RQ-11 Raven unmanned aerial vehicle that had lost communication with its operator at the local Army base while flying on a protection mission.If you have gained knowledge from information in Hort Update, please let us know!And help us provide you with the best information possible for managing Nebraska landscapes. Hort Update is a FREE monthly e-mail newsletter from the University of Nebraska Extension, which provides timely information to green industry professionals and homeowners.“What I thought was unusual was that it had no military markings other than a stenciled number on it.There was no Air Force or Army insignias on it or anything.”The camera lens on the little drone was still moving, so Fisk did the logical thing you do when you find a downed spy plane in your yard.

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The vehicle eventually made its way downtown to Fisk’s leafy neighborhood where it dropped from the sky.“This was definitely very expensive.

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