Symantec xdb not updating server

Posted by / 08-Jul-2017 23:27

Symantec xdb not updating server

Your primary Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition server cannot automatically download virus definitions using Live Update.

Alternately, you want to automate the process of downloading the daily definitions update download by using an FTP script.

I'm using the x DB Cloud 1.0 setup in Sitecore 8.1. Good call on shortening the session - I still had it at 20 minutes, but I was calling a utility page to abandon the session. Yes, I can connect to the Mongo cloud instance and see the Interactions updating for my contact.

The site is successfully tracking contacts as I can see new profiles under the Experience Profile. Since this is currently local-only, I'm using private session state.

And it has been several days, so there should definitely be aggregated data.

I mean, I see the data updating in Mongo, so not sure if that's sufficient, or if there is some other queue to look at.

PDM) file; may be the default definition file included with Power Designer or a custom file created by the user; required for a Power Designer database file to open correctly.

If you copy virus definitions files to a computer that you suspect is infected with a virus, be sure to use only read-only media, such as CD-R.

If you use media that is mapped as a drive, such as a USB "thumb drive," it is possible for files on the drive to become infected or for malicious files to be copied to the drive.

Update the computer using the latest available Rapid Release virus definitions.

Follow the directions that apply to the Anti Virus program version.

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