Speed dating how to follow up

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If you are unfamiliar with Speed Dating, this is where single people spend a few minutes with a potential romantic interest over coffee, dessert, or some shared activity (one recent speed dating event for farmers had folks weeding a field together) and then they move on to the next person.

Though lasting a bit longer, some churches offer a sort of speed dating experience to unchurched members of their communities.

Here are a few tips to go va-va-vroom with the girls at a speed dating event.

TIP: Have an unfair advantage over your competitors at a speed dating event with Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples , the book that has 2000 questions you can ask your partner.

Unless they’re trying to pick you up in a sleazy way and by sleazy I mean: Je peux t’inviter à prendre un café avec moi ? ) Which is basically another way to get in your pants.

That people rarely talk to other people outside their group when they go out. And that there’s no way of knowing if someone is single or if their other half just nipped to the loo. It’s just not in the French nation’s culture to chat to strangers.

Which brings me back full circle to needing a bigger circle of friends…

It seems like a distant dream of a land, but I know it exists. But he has a full time job, his own place and co-owns a VT ski house. Or if he is, at least he isn't a TOTAL snowboard bum.

I emailed him back laughing at his description of some of the women, and telling him he shouldn't admit he was not good at meeting women since I thought he was really nice.

(walks away)He pointed out that there were some older ladies, "Cougars", he called them at the event. Not easy like lazy folk easy, but easy like: "Wow, I feel like I've known you forever." or "You're so easy to talk to" or "You're so cool! I emailed him back that I would love to get together.

I did get yes from 9 other guys, but they were the ones I wasn't interested in. And the guys who went to the 42-56 speed dating event the week prior and showed up for the 26-42 speed dating event I went to. Imagine this interchange at happy hour at a local watering hole: R: Hi.

I had put a Yes to matches with 5-6 guys so that is a 50% success rate. He admitted via email that he is not good with dating or meeting women. Like you want to admit you're a total social travesty in the first few emails to a gal your supposedly attempting to woo? I think if you admit that you're socially challenged that baldly means subconciously, you don't want to attract women to you.

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When two people express a shared interest in each other, they then have the opportunity to exchange contact information and further pursue the relationship on their own terms.