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Sexy chat with megan fox

“I love choker pieces and harnesses and stuff like that. I’m not a flowery, light-color, sweet lingerie wearer.I understand that really works for some women and they feel great in that, but I like the harder stuff.” And being a mom of three hasn’t changed that one bit."I’m still really attracted to the sexy stuff,” says Fox.“If anything, I would say becoming a mom has pushed me even more into the sexier pieces, because I feel like going through the process of having kids and working out and getting back into shape is so freeing and empowering, and it helps you to love your body so much that you do want to show it off because you’re proud.Megan has been out of the public eye for over a year now, as she shit out another one of her loser husband’s feeble offspring.Of course if Megan Fox was a Muslim woman she’d only be granted 20 .."My vote is for ["The Unborn" actress] Odette Yustman," says Rogell."I call her 'The Poor Man's Megan Fox.'"Adrian Genrier seems a bit confused when it comes to reality.

Well, it's official: Megan Fox makes beer look hot.You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve been through and how amazing a woman’s body is.” "I think women should own what they wear.Confidence looks great on everyone." -Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) #Fredericksx Megan Fox A post shared by Frederick's of Hollywood (@fredericks_hollywood) on Shot by renowned photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, the campaign was set in the Hollywood Hills with an assist from makeup artist Linda Hay, hairstylist Renato Campora and stylists Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson.The stunning actress is starring in a new commercial for the Brazilian brand Brahma, serving as a spokeswoman for the beverage and promoting the beer in an, er, interesting ad campaign.Of course, the former In the commercial—which is filmed entirely in Portuguese with the exception of Fox's one line— the brunette beauty winks seductively at the camera, pretends to take off her clothes and jumps around, clearly elated to be drinking the lager.

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Oh, and she also reveals a secret identity or two underneath it all.

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