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If you are a 7-day subscriber, you may enjoy all of our valuable local news and information at no extra charge; you simply need to set up an online account. If you need help, please contact our office at 843-317-NEWS.Get home delivery of the newspaper Monday - Sunday. HENRY BOATRIGHT was born 1850 in South Carolina, and died Bef. The two brothers, (Alexander and Emmanuel) lived on the same street in Avon Park Florida. Nov 1889, Pee Dee, Florence County, South Carolina. Emmanuel produced nine children of his own, (two boys and seven girls). Since his father-in-law passed away, Emmanuel took into his household his mother-in-law as well as his wifes siblings, (Nathan, Ben, Edward, Pricilla, and Sylvia). His mother-in-law remained in his household until her death. Dec 1891, Pee Dee, Florence County, South Carolina.

Notes for HENRY BOATRIGHT: Source: Boatright Family, Inc.

Lawmakers finished pre-filing bills last week ahead of the session that starts Jan. Jenny Horne, R-Dorchester, delivered a fiery bring-it-down speech, buttressed by her statement that she was related to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, a claim that grated some flag advocates.) Ending laws that forbid: adultery; children under age 18 from playing pinball; seducing an unmarried women to have sex with the promise of marriage; challenging another person to an armed duel; opening dancing halls on Sunday; working on Sundays; opening stores on Sunday; and barring railroads from removing tracks in towns with more than 500 people, introduced by state Rep. Allowing concealed-weapon permit holders to carry guns into state courthouses, churches, hospitals and businesses that ban concealed weapons during a state emergency declared by the governor, introduced by state Rep. Preventing a doctor from prescribing erectile dysfunction medication until several requirements are met, including a notarized affidavit from one of the patient's sexual partners and having the patient visit a therapist, introduced by state Rep. Changing the duties of the lieutenant governor, when the governor and lieutenant governor start running on the same ticket in 2018, and allowing the governor to pick a successor if the lieutenant governor leaves office rather than automatically promoting the state Senate leader, introduced by House Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, R-York.

12, including legislation aimed at addressing October’s historic rainstorm and June’s mass shooting at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. (A commission charged with displaying the flag has proposed a million-plus display, which some legislators say taxpayers should not have to pay.) Requiring documentation from a state representative who says they are related to another person while addressing the House, state Rep. (South Carolina has had to replace its lieutenant governor twice in the last five years, once when Lt. Ken Ard, R-Pamplico, resigned as he faced ethics charges and, again, when Ard’s Senate-elevated successor, former state Senate President Pro Tempore Glen Mc Connell, resigned to become president of the College of Charleston. Mark Sanford, R-Charleston, are dating again and will travel to her native Argentina for the holidays.

Also, the Hicks children all lived in homes within close proximity to each other on adjoining properties.

In the Late 1930s to 1950s, Emmanuel made several visits to South Carolina to reunite and commune with his other siblings, especially Caroline, with whom he normally stayed. Sep 1886, Pee Dee, Florence County, South Carolina.

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Also, in the late 1950s his brother Willie visited Avon Park, Florida where the three brothers started a historical REUNION.