Sex chat and striping

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Sex chat and striping

Confession: When I hear "Bitcoin" mentioned in conversation at work or a party (and it comes up more and more lately) I nod knowingly and quickly shove food in my mouth in hopes that no one calls me out on my utter ignorance: I have no idea what Bitcoin is. I learned that it's a digital currency, not a tangible thing, that it's independent of government regulation, and that its exchange rate to the US dollar is super-volatile. The 27-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, shares how she got into swapping pics of "her naughty bits" (to crib a Reddit phrase) for digital currency—a growing-by-the-second trade that relies, largely, on total amateurs like her.

I also learned that it's accepted in some surprising places, like on and Reddit, the glorified Internet bulletin board, where people are trading the high-tech currency for everything from Swahili language translations to stripping. The weird thing is that this all started because I was interested in Bitcoin, not because I was interested in stripping.

She is under your total control and you can try out some cool stuff on her.It's tough to tell looking back since it's in Bitcoin and the exchange rate varies drastically.But it's a lot of money, and I've been saving it all. Photo: Reddit From what I've seen, I'd guess hardly any of the girls on Girls Gone Bitcoin have any sort of stripping or porn background. I think because it's still relatively small, there isn't much of that yet.A female friend asked me to a burlesque night she had organised. ‘Come and see naked women who aren’t being exploited,’ she said. Dita Von Teese, the American queen of the genre, has made it clear that it’s really just for women.My friend said this because I sometimes hide from the world in the dark caves of Hackney, where ladies collect pounds in a pint glass and then turn around a pole with all the joie de vivre of a rusty weathervane in a light gale. Seventy per cent of her audience are women, apparently; the rest are gay men and boyfriends dragged along.

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