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Seks online

The series delves into the widespread commercial sex trade in our cities and suburbs, the online marketplaces where pimps and johns buy and sell sex, cases of modern-day slavery and victims’ tales of survival.

"However, police are not dismissing the possibility that the person who wrote the report could be in Malaysia as most of the articles in the portal are about Penang," he told reporters at the state police headquarters in Penang Road on Tuesday.

“Boston doesn’t think we have an issue,” said Audrey Morrissey, a former sex trafficking victim who sold her body in Boston’s notorious “Combat Zone” district in the 1980s.

“People who were around in the Combat Zone era think it’s been cleaned up.

The woman, aged in her 30s, was attacked near her apartment in Van Nuys, Los Angeles at 5.45am on Saturday.

Los Angeles Police released the surveillance footage of the attack on Tuesday in a bid to track down the suspect.

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It reported that the couple initially denied any knowledge of the incident, but when shown the incriminating photo, they admitted their guilt and apologised.