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Saif ali khan dating kareena kapoor

The Jab We Met actor recently revealed hat she rejected Saif's proposal twice for her career.

The 36-year-old actor opened up about her personal life on Vogue BFFs.

Style, luxury and regal were the keywords of this high-profile wedding that had the shutterbugs on their toes. Recommended Read: Love Tale Of Mouli Ganguly And Mazhar Sayyed Kareena was born in a Punjabi Hindu family to yesteryear actors Babita and Randhir Kapoor.

Sidharth ditches Alia, attends Ambani’s bash with Jacqueline Sidharth Mlahotra and Alia Bhatt are no longer couple and it seems after breaking-up with his long time love, Sid took a little time to move on in life.But Saif Ali Khan comes out and says to the media that they are not married, and would not get married in another 3 years. Far too much attention is being given to our relationship. He was introduced to me by Ambika Hinduja when I was shooting for Being Cyrus. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see Kareena half as much as I’d like to.Saif Ali Khan speaks to You and Kareena have apparently undergone a secret ‘nikaah’ on Wednesday afternoon. There’s been far too much speculation and fabrication about our relationship. Out of a flippant curiosity, I asked him questions about my future. Your mom says you didn’t inform the family when you got married the first time? In a million years, I wouldn’t do that to my family again. And the truth is, these marriage rumors are utter rubbish. Has your new home being done to accommodate two people? Do these rumors make Valentine’s Day unpleasant for you two? No, and before you ask I am not telling you our plans. Right now, we both have our individual careers to look out for. I am especially worried about how such rumors will affect Kareena’s career.I am greatly disturbed by the amount of information he seems to have accumulated about my personal life. I spoke to him on Friday morning after the story appeared. And he flatly denies having made any statement on my marriage plans. So what were you doing at 12.30 pm on Wednesday when you are supposed to have been getting married? Do you think some people are spreading the marriage rumor to actually harm Kareena’s career? I don’t think rumors of marriage would damage her career. I think twenty people can live comfortably in my new home. But let me make it clear, she’s the woman I want to marry and will marry.

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We saw Kareena Kapoor with hubby Saif, step-son Ibrahim, SIL Soha and her hubby Kunal.

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