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Out on the roads there were worse scenes of carnage, as various contestants were overcome by sunstroke and vomiting.Hours later the Red Cross and Olympic officials were still searching the sides of the road for missing runners.Ok i'm a freshman on my highschool track fastest 400 so far thats been recorded is 57.8, and ive ran the 400 3 times at league meets.Now that you've had a taste of what a sprinter's training is like, don't forget that expending that much energy demands an equally intense recovery phase.Now you should be nice and fired up ready to turn it loose on the track.

The 100 metres at the Summer Olympics has been contested since the first edition of the multi-sport event.

This event proved to be an almost total disaster, which put an end to cross-country races in the Olympics.” While one can understand the need for caution and prudence to guarantee the safety of cross-country runners, one would think that nearly 90 years later, runners now know how to deal with heat on a tough course.

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There was not a certain age but rather facial ;hair and number of teeth was used to determine elligibility.

”Answer: Olympia was a religious site where an athletic event was held from early times.

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The steeples were used as landmarks because of their visibility over long distances.