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For the record: I don’t bash his Game nor insights on picking up chicks.

But if I'm going to take my game cues from somebody, I'm not that interested in how many girls he gets.

My detective-like intuition tells me that this MOFO is rigging his blog’s commentary in order to make his blog appear more active than it actually is.

To add more wood to the flame, my hunch says that he actually concocts and pre-fabricates 95% of the comments on his posts.

“Heartiste is the intellectual linchpin of the Manosphere.” — Frost “Heartiste is the Aristotle of the manosphere.

His site is the bedrock of what people consider common knowledge…” — Mike CF "There is no greater entry point for the curious man, no better archive, no blog more skilled and entertaining at truth telling, nobody overlaps the various worlds of truth better, nobody reduces the opposition to point and sputter better than Heartiste.” — Laid NYC (now defunct) “Heartiste is easily the biggest American intellectual of the last 100 years or so, and has more impact on the lives of men than anyone else.” — Samseau “8=====" — Heartiste ## If you held a survey in this corner of the web and asked guys their favorite game blog, Heartiste would win a landslide. There's lots of good that can be said about Heartiste—he's an interesting stylist, he has an exceptional eye for detail, he hasn't junked up his site with banner ads and popovers—but for my money, what's most appealing is that he seems to genuinely love chasing and bedding women.

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But this dude’s blog activities are HELLA fucking suspect! What made this super suspect and fraudulent was that I never received any notification of any of those 130 comments [this happened on all of his posts I ever commented on…which was maybe 3 of them]!