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We just start throwing out ideas of episodes we'd like to do and things that we're not seeing anywhere else on television.We do that for 3-4 days and that gets us to the point where we have enough ideas and then we start trying to see what storyline will work with what storyline and then break it down from there.Kaitlin and Rob then sealed their vows by planting a tree in honor of their love for each other.The cocktail hour and reception were held in the candlelit orchard where lights draped the trees like beautiful sparkling swatches of moss.We thought that would work really well with this particular storyline of Charlie trying to show Frank how he's worthy of getting a wonderful woman and pretending to go on this date.

As more of the seventh season unfolds tonight, the gang takes a trip to the Jersey Shore with certain characters having a joyously, wonderful time and others having the complete opposite experience.Reid, who is now married to Kendrick Strauch of The Harlem Shakes, opened up about the series of events leading to her Sunny exit for the first time publicly on her blog today.As she tells the story, after FX agreed to shoot "a real pilot for the show," the four main actors called an impromptu meeting in a production trailer to ensure that everyone was on the same page when it came to the possibility of the network wanting to replace any of the original actors: "Together, we four agreed that they took all of us..none of us.I am from a little town outside of Portland, Oregon.Although, I spent the first eight years of my life on a little island across from Seattle, but basically I’m from the Pacific Northwest.

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We were in this thing together -- had been for over a year now -- and we simply wouldn't allow them to split us up." Around that same, Reid's relationship with Rob began to fall apart and the three guys (Rob, Glenn and Charlie) were made executive producers.

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