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Exhibiting at the Fair is open to European higher education institutions and national higher education promotion agencies/embassies from the Erasmus programme countries.The Study in Europe Fair enables Ecuatorian students, academics and other audiences to find out about European higher education opportunities.There have been reports of Canadian, American, British and Australian tourists and foreign oil workers being kidnapped in these areas.

When the application is semi-virtual, the requested documents that were already uploaded to the webpage will be required the day of the appointment to be signed When the application is fully-virtual, and if the consular officer will require the original documents, these must be sent by post, from the user to the consulate When the procedure is fully virtual how can I receive the document I requested?

It is obtained from the Civil Registration Files and, in the case of the Virtual Consulate it is an internal process of verification in the system. Is that document valid to perform a virtual process?

Yes, as long as it is legibly, it does not present any signs of alteration and had been issued by a competent authority.

What can I do through the webpage of the Virtual Consulate?

People can perform virtual procedures that do not require the presence of the applicant or semi-virtual procedures that will be requested through an Application Form that is filled through the webpage but require the presence of the applicant to sign the final document. The requirements, according to the requested service must be duly uploaded to the system according to the requested format.

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Exercise caution when traveling to northern Ecuador, including the provinces of Carchi, northern Esmeraldas, and Sucumbíos. Always carry your prescription medication in original packaging with your doctor’s prescription.