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You can’t design a human being to fit your criteria – or so I thought.

For the past 7 years or so, ‘stranded singles’ in Japan have been increasingly drawn to dating simulation games.

tape, the episode does a wonderful job transporting you back to the ‘90s.

Bad video tracking, fuzzy picture quality, and a consistent low-res VHS filter over the entire episode is an appreciated touch that goes far.

To have a good relationship, however, Chrisler thinks viewers gain little to nothing from dating reality TV shows.

"I think any show that shows competition of women is really toxic for anyone's love life," she said.

What do they think they will have in common with such a person? It’s one of those things that bring out all of our insecurities, hardly the best emotional state to be in when describing ourselves.

It's that political divide that inspired Goss in the first place.

Still, Goss said he's excited to be able to take the concept of dating during a complicated political landscape to the next level after the success he's had with the site.

Launched in May 2016 by Goss, a Republican, Trump now has 37,500 active users, a dramatic increase from the 12,000 users the site had in early December, just weeks after Donald Trump's surprising White House win.

If you’re familiar with any of the reality dating shows that are being parodied here, like , then the seamless job copying these programs should be abundantly clear.

As the four dates try to win the heart of Courtnee (a burgeoning veterinarian’s assistant who loves animals, hanging out with family, and going outside), the episode is overloaded with obnoxious cartoonish graphics that attempt to be the punchline to every line of dialogue.

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