Re os dating arsenopyrite

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Re os dating arsenopyrite

A full publication list for Re-Os is available here.For sulfide minerals, Re-Os geochronology has direct application to the timing and duration of hydrothermal ore deposit formation.Being the main compound of arsenic, the trioxide is the precursor to elemental arsenic, arsenic alloys, and arsenide semiconductors. feed additives (Roxarsone) and pharmaceuticals (Neosalvarsan), are derived from arsenic trioxide.Bulk arsenic-based compounds sodium arsenite and sodium cacodylate are derived from the trioxide.

Arsenic trioxide is an amphoteric oxide, and its aqueous solutions are weakly acidic.

The crystal habit, hardness, density, and garlic odor when struck are diagnostic.

Arsenopyrite in older literature may be referred to as mispickel, a name of German origin.

Three granitic intrusions (Granite I, II, and III) are recognized in the Mount Pleasant Granitic Suite in the vicinity of the Mount Pleasant deposit and are interpreted to be fractionated components of the more widespread Mc Dougall Brook Granitic Suite.

Granite I and Granite II are associated with tungsten-molybdenum and indium-bearing tin-zinc mineralization, respectively.

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These data suggest the presence of a mantle-derived component in the ore system that was probably introduced during the generation of the granitoid magmas.

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