Project server event handler onupdating

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Project server event handler onupdating

Currently I'm using Project Server 2013 and trying to make remote event handlers work.Remote event handlers are in WCF service which is in ASP.As Server Events have deep integration with the rest of Service Stack we're able to offer Typed Messages containing the users Depending on your use-case, if you only want to use the Server Event Client for a short-time to listen for predictable responses (i.e.waiting for a Server callback on a pending request) you can alternatively use the Task-based API's letting you to participate in C# async/await workflows: response.Question: Can someone shed some light on what is the name of event which would be rised when I create a task such as described in problematic flow?Or maybe I am doing something wrong and cannot figure it out. and in every implemented method I did logging to a file.To maximize utility, there are a number of different API's to receive and process messages: One way to receive messages (useful in long-running clients) is to assign handlers for each of the different events that are fired.This example shows how to capture all the different events a Client can receive: will cancel the background HTTP connection and stop it listening for server events.

You can deploy the event handler assembly either to a special event handler directory or to the global assembly cache.

In this article Developing an Event Handler Deploying the Event Handler Registering the Event Handler Association Testing the Event Handler: Using the Event Viewer and the ULS Log Debugging the Event Handler The Events service provides a way to extend Microsoft Project Server 2010 by adding new business logic.

Project Server raises pre-events and post-events when Project Server Interface (PSI) methods change business objects such as .

When you associate an event handler with an event, Project Server runs the event handler when that particular event occurs.

This article shows how to create, deploy, test, and debug an event handler, and how to write an entry to the Windows event log and to the Unified Logging Service (ULS) trace log for Share Point applications.

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After this I subscribed all Server Side Event Handlers from SP Central Admin and started playing with CRUDing tasks for Share Point Task List Project type.

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