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, we have been continuously working to improve multiple aspects of game-play, resolve bugs with also create new weapons and vehicles for you to play with.

Thanks to the continued support from you, the community and our dedicated team of testers, we have successfully corrected many of the bugs and game-play issues in v0.8 with also adding several new features, tweaks and assets.

To run this mini-mod, you need to download and install Project Reality Standalone. An example of such is that the player is always second guessing where the enemy's location is before daring to expose himself.

(Battlefield 2 isnt required) - Only C8 and MP5 as weapons, both silenced. The player will struggle to take down two enemies simultaneously as turning towards the second target will potentially be a lost fight due to a spike in deviation and positional disadvantage.

The Insurgency mode, intended to simulate asymmetrical warfare, involves a conventional forces team searching for and destroying illegal weapon caches while the other team, the insurgents, try to defend them.An important health check to perform before issuing a schedule is to remove open ends in the activity network.A good starting point is to look for the list of activities without predecessors/ successors in the Scheduling/Leveling Report, which can be accessed from the Schedule window (F9 or Tools Note that open ends are also generated by activities whose i) only predecessor relationship is a finish-to-finish link or ii) only successor relationship is a start-to-start link.Two of the game modes involve capturing and holding control points, similar to the Conquest mode of Battlefield 2, although control points must be captured in a certain order, for a battle.Vehicle Warfare mode differs by putting full emphasis on heavy vehicles, and restricting access to infantry kits.

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The new Russian Forces have also not been short changed with bringing in there new arsenal of weapons including there AK-74M Assault Rifles with underbarrel grenade launches and scopes attached!

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