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Polyamory is simply another way for people to construct a mutually consensual relationship without limit or constrain in a design of their choice, without preconceived monogamous centric limits.

In the past several years, I have had the privilege of working with several polyamorous relationships.

Regardless of your label- straight, lesbian, bisexual, queer or other, if you are interested in meeting similarly described women who practice polyamory or who are poly-curious, come join us.

Age 55 De Belfast, Maine En ligne - il y a 2 semaines Femme recherche Couple (5484 de Kilomètres) Single bisexual curious.

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Kamala cries without tears-- she really got on my nerves--- the men in that relationship both seem homosexual( which is fine- just takes the reality out of reality..

A reporter for the local alternative weekly paper attended. Excerpts: A Boise convention brings polyamory out in the open By Harrison Berry ...

Relate Con brought into the open a community that has gained momentum online but, because of Idaho law and misrepresentation in the media and broader society, has been largely secretive.

Age 29 De Glendale, Arizona En ligne - Hier Femme recherche Couple (8954 de Kilomètres) Im an earth day baby so I love nature, am very down to earth, can easily stay home, make dinner and watch movies.

Or go out and dance and have fun whatever the mood strikes.

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