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I could be picky about appearances and common interests or personalities.However, I honestly think it's good to be picky on moral and spiritual matters.According to CNN, the more online dating profiles we have to click through, the more we treat people like we're buying a pair of shoes. If you’ve been online dating for six months and haven’t been on one date because (fill in lame excuse here), then you need to lower your expectations and give someone a chance.And according to Match.com, you should manage your expectations without selling yourself short. I can recite my needs and wants like they were the words to my all-time favorite song (Exactly' by Amy Steinberg if you're curious).And yet here I am 110 months post-divorce I had this conversation with a first, last date a couple weekends ago.

Being a relationship coach should make one incredibly aware of their own dating needs and wants.This includes editing your checklist, going on a second date and broadening your "type" but also trusting your gut. The more willing you are to give someone a chance, the less picky you are.According to Schwartz, having a lot of choices paralyzes us from making a decision. If you’ve had a string of crappy relationships with some real dirt bags, then you need to up your expectations.Are single women single because they are too picky?Lori Gottlieb argues this is precisely the case, and she uses herself as the prime example. She wanted to know she had finally found "The One." Newly released in paperback and being marketed to Christian women in time for Valentine's Day, Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr.

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