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Their subjects come from images, personal observations, verbal accounts and news media reports of current events.

The rugs themselves then become their own unique visual document. Bordering six different countries (China, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan), Afghanistan’s diverse history is rich with languages, art forms and culture.

These compelling examples of contemporary craft—traditionally made by women artists and sold in bazaars of Kabul, Heart, Mazar-i Sharif, as well as the Pakistani cities Peshawar and Islamabad—reflect the country’s war-ridden history.

With his piercing eyes and finely chiselled nose, the Pathan must be the handsomest man on earth.

In Spring 2015, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art presents the most distinct collection of Afghan war rugs in the world.

Afghan War Rugs: The Modern Art of Central Asia brings to the United States more than 30 large and small-scale contemporary weavings from Afghanistan.

Clubs, churches, schools, The Mall, Saddar Bazaar and the airport are all part of the British contribution to modern Peshawar.

Peshawar University, founded in 1950, and surrounded by University Town, lies to the west on the road to the Khyber Pass.

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The attack began in the morning hours, with about half a dozen gunmen entering the school - and shooting at random, said police officer Javed Khan.