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Pathetic dating video

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I mean, if it’s such a great affront — if Trump is saying, ‘Gee, I hope you could find a way to let this Flynn thing go.

A British competition decided to look for the most naturally beautiful face in the country that fits the measurements of being symmetrical.

considering that the most attractive woman would have pupils just half the width of her face from ear to ear, Colgate almost foots the bill by scoring a 44 percent ratio.

Science also says the most attractive woman's distance between her eyes and mouth is a little over a third of the measurement between her hair line and chin. It also doesn't hurt that her face is almost perfectly symmetrical, either! Check out the link below for all the pictures and info you need to know!

So, what does this woman get for having for having good genes? The young beauty will go to a London modeling agency to get her picture taken for billboards and posters for Superdrug stores that will appear across the country.

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“‘You know, he’s a good guy,’ and you, Comey, said, ‘Yeah, he’s a good guy.’ Why didn’t you quit, and why didn’t you report this to the attorney general?