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Many questions are already answered in our FAQ/Wiki. Here's an automatically generated list of the top five posts in /r/ask TO right now, updating every 15 minutes. A Canadian-owned website for people seeking affairs was recovering from a cyberattack Monday after hackers stole confidential customer information, posted some of it online and threatened to publish all of it unless the company is shut down.For example, 22 per cent of Canadian singles surveyed admitted to sharing links to their social media profiles on their online dating profile – despite the fact that sites like Facebook can share a lot of personal data you might not want a stranger to know right away.READ MORE: Has Tinder turned into nothing more than a game?Here's what happened: Brett: I went into this singles mixer open and optimistic, perhaps naïve, about how the night would unfold — but I did vaguely know what to expect.An app marketing itself to ~elite singles~ is going to attract a certain type of person, and I did not feel like that type of person whatsoever.

Although I'm usually quick to be social at events like these, I felt immediately more reserved and uncomfortable initiating conversations with the passengers around me. One of the first lines I casually eavesdropped in on from a user was:"Wow, that girl is like a model, bro.Avid Life Media, which owns Toronto-based cheating site Ashley, called the attack an "act of cyberterrorism" and vowed to hold those behind the hack responsible for their actions."We apologize for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers' information," the company said in a statement.And the potential dating pool for singles with STDs is a lot bigger.Statistics show as many as one in four women - and almost one in five men - has herpes.

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"The 'paid-delete' option offered by Ashley does in fact remove all information related to a member's profile and communications activity," it said.

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