Mya and silkk the shocker dating

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Mya and silkk the shocker dating

HELL NO, in the latest issue of Vibe Vixen magazine they kindly give her a cover and excellent interview where she sheds alot of light on DRAMA that surrounded her.

I had known MYA had family issues, her Mom struggled with breast cancer just as MYA's first album came out, she had issues with her dad while her second album came out, and then while Moodring was being finished she was in the worst relationship ever, one that MYA carrying a gun for protection or to prove to her man that she was tough.

Dont know if it will happen since the USA street date for MYAs record has been bumped again to Sept 18th, but it could be since Prince will be in europe throughtout august.....

She sings alot better than we think, she can def hold her own on a tour, and has done so already.

Vyshonne King Miller was born on June 18, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana.Kidman dated rapper and “A Tribe Called Quest” frontman Q-Tip in the same year she got real close for comfort with Lenny Kravitz.When Mya releases her third album, an as-yet-untitled collection of songs that she started recording early last year, the natural inclination will be to portray the 22-year-old singer as a butterfly liberated from her sheltered cocoon.The relationship was with an UNNAMED record producer who is 8 years her senior making him 37 now, she doesnt name names, but he has produced other RB females and he made sure to tell MYA in private that MYA could never be as good as them, and then in interviews he would Talk trash about MYA being a Bitch and Diva.But MYA hung in the relationship despite this guys treatment, till she found out he had another woman (in the industry) that lived on the West Coast. For the record there is alot of miss-information concerning MYA and she basically but it like this, she hasnt EVER been with 50 cent, Silkk the Shocker, Sisqo, Lil Wayne , she dated the Game threee times.

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Kidman’s spokeswoman was even a tad bit in the dark about their blooming relationship when she responded to questions from “They’re very close,” says her spokeswoman Leslee Dart.