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Since he first started singing as a kid growing up in a musical home in Nashville, Mitchell has put in the time and effort, learning piano and guitar, honing his songwriting and finding his remarkably soulful voice.

It all led him to Linden Ave., his new EP that exemplifies Mitchell's diverse set of influences, ranging from Michael Jackson and John Mayer to the Oak Ridge Boys and R. Named after the street that his grandmother, a pioneering Nashville music executive and inspiration to Mitchell, once lived, the adventurous, genre-bending EP flies in the face of contemporary country's adherence to formula.

The twosome should definitely stay friends for life so they can pull some classic switcheroo pranks.

Or they at least need to take an Instagram in the same outfit for maximum twinning.

Because Shay Mitchell has officially found her doppelganger. Shay’s doppelganger’s name is Marianna Hewitt, and she is a lifestyle blogger and You Tuber that bears a striking resemblance to our girl Shay.

Contestants include a man with a "massive beard and a "very desperate" woman who turns up to the studio wearing a wedding dress.

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"Everyone is working hard, whether it's in the entertainment industry or with their hands, and I want to be the voice for that," says Riser House Entertainment artist Mitchell Tenpenny.

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The women are made up of 34-year-old Londoner Lesley, who claims to seek a "long-term submissive love", Irish Cara, who needs help abandoning gay bars and searching for a match elsewhere, and Charlotte, also from London, a self-proclaimed Game of Thrones fanatic.