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Owner: Rick Haynes City: Hebron, Ohio Model: 1965 MG Midget Engine: BMC A-Series 1275cc Prepared by: owner Q: Rick, how long have you owned your MG Midget? Q: And this racecar was never meant for SCCA; it's strictly a "vintage" car? It was built so I'd have something to do now that SCCA has lost interest in all the older cars. Everything you can feel with your hand (underneath) is steel. I'm just sort of waiting for somebody to come up and say I can't run it. Q: The windscreen is about as low as it could possibly be. I try to sit as low in the car as I can, and there's no reason... I think all the parts I have are better than theirs. It came out of the Jon Woodner Midget that he totaled in Atlanta at the 1971 runoffs.¹ He stuck it in a barrier. It's fairly complicated to build, but once you get it right it's almost as good as a coilover. If you like what you've found here, and you want to see more, please click here and follow the instructions. A: Yeah, you take a 3" piece of spring steel and you cut it out. They're Armstrong lever shocks in the front and then tube shocks in the back. Then when Richmond stopped, Taylor took a Richmond box and basically copied that. A: The orange is the same color as my first SCCA car. Fastest qualifier, Charlie Guest, comes back to shake hands with Rick before the race. Photos by Curtis Jacobson and Donnie Moyer for British Race Car.com, copyright 2013. In 1971, Jonathan Woodner qualified seventeenth and then wrecked on the race's first lap. A: No, it was a bare tub that I found in a garage in Gettysburg PA. The way I understand the rules is that anything that was legal prior to 1972 is legal, and I've got photos and documentation that shows they were running spoilers prior to that. I just put a little thing to deflect the air a little bit. Q: Is there anything from Winners Circle or Huffaker on the car? I wouldn't put a Winners Circle or Huffaker made part on my car. I've been doing this long enough that I know what all the faults and all the advantages are, so I build them or I have them built to my own specifications. the one thing that might be considered a Huffaker part is the seat in this car. They've been using three link slipper rears - or slipper rears with one design or another - way back into the sixties with Trans Am cars. It's an adaptation so that you can use a leaf spring without any of the disadvantages. In fact, it's probably designed pretty close to what Huffaker put in the Midgets and it's probably pretty close to what Joe put in his Midget because it's a fairly traditional design that everyone knows about. A: Yes, Watts link plus single link in the top and two lower links on either side below the springs. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT British Race will have to cut back plans for continued growth if we can't find more financial support. If I went to Road America I might consider putting a 3.9 in it. You might have to change your gearbox ratios, and that's more trouble than its worth. A: You can run tube shocks in the back, but you have to keep lever shocks in the front. Richmond took apart a Wheeler box and he built an improved version of the box with a lot of high-buck stuff. Iskenderian chrome-moly tubular pushrods (8.437" long, part# SP-003). Rick Haynes won the 1985 SCCA National Championship (F-Production Class) in an MG Midget. Front: Panasport Racing 13x6 aluminum wheels and Hoosier Street T. Except where specifically noted above, all photos shown here are from September 2012 when we viewed the car at Glenora Winery's Vintage Grand Prix of Watkins Glen, New York.The Midget went to a local club racer in northeast Ohio, who only raced it about a dozen times over the course of three seasons.The engine and transmission were then removed and the car was stored from 1981 through 2001, when Derek Chima purchased it.Morning and white wine and pointer finger work was very open wide holes.

From the front fenders rearward, it hasn't even been repainted. Three radius rods (two under the springs and one centered, above the driveshaft) locate the axle. This very same fiberglass bucket seat was used by Jon Woodner at the 1971 SCCA Runoffs. Fram Racing HP11 engine oil filter, remotely mounted. This is a slipper style three-link rear suspension: spacers prevent the U-bolts from clamping to the leafsprings, so the springs only locate the axle in one axis. Blue sealant helps deter axle lube from seeping through the splined joint. Toggle switches are labeled "Oil", "Dist", and "Crank". (~2010) Q: Was it a racecar at all when you started? A: Well, you know, I kept expecting someone to say something about that. I run an Accusump, and an oil pan of my own design. Bud Moore did slipper rear ends for the Mustangs and Cougers. A: I wasn't sure if you did or not, but since I knew the specification of the gullwing springs and I had to do something anyway I decided to do them that way. A: For the most part, the 4.2 seems to be good everywhere. And the gearbox is basically a re-engineered gearbox of what Wheeler did. Titan roller rockers (1.5:1 ratio.) Iskendarian lifters, valve springs and retainers. Allstar Performance remote brake bias adjuster knob. This Accusump oil accumulator is electrically actuated from a toggle switch on the dashboard. At the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association's 2012 US Vintage Grand Prix of Watkins Glen, Rick Haynes circled the challenging 3.4 mile circuit with a very quick best lap time of .203 (85.473mph) to finish first overall in Saturday's Group 1 feature race. Rear: fake Minilite Sports eight-spoke wheels, probably made by Western.Q: It's probably about as low as anyone gets a vintage car? The heads are done by George Bachmann of Midwest Motorsports in Toledo. A: Well, I build all the important parts to build a Midget because I like the quality of my own stuff better than what I can buy. There's just a little bit of Bondo to contour it out. Sold the car to Bill Koch in 1972, and I bought the seat off of him. Readers like y keep British Race online and growing through voluntary financial contributions. And then you take it to the spring shop and have the ends rolled on it, have it tempered and arched, and you hope you got it right. Q: In the front, are those Peter Caldwell (World Wide Imports, modified) adjustable shocks? Of all the copies out there, in fact, the Richmond and Taylor are closest to identical. But I don't like to pay people money for stuff I can do myself and I can build a gearbox as well as anybody else. Except, the orange I had then was Rust-Oleum "Omaha Orange" out of a spray can and this one is '70 Mustang "Grabber Orange". Actually, they say this is what the color was in 1970, but I think it's a little brighter. Authentic vintage-style aluminum MG Midget chin spoiler. However, he returned to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs in 1972 to win the F-Production championship race from pole-position.

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Q: On an MGB, I know people are doing dropped spindles to raise the roll centers. A: Anytime you drop a car down, you've got to take into account what you've done to the roll centers and you've got to make the adjustments accordingly. Their concern was that Moore's preferred red, black, and white paint scheme didn't show off cars well in black-and-white magazine photos.

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