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It is estimated that the industry is worth more than £2bn globally (2).

In the UK, it is worth £300m a year and, according to the UK’s Online Dating Association (ODA), ‘’. These sites differ in terms of their number of users, their user characteristics, geographic coverage, and in their business models.

Online dating website Firstmet has already rolled out a mobile version to appeal to more users.

The study provides an overview on the Indian online dating and matrimony market.

And the offer is widening: matchmaking, niche dating, social dating, dating apps, and online personals, are all examples of new products that have been launched in recent years. The subscription-based model is the preferred business model of some of the largest sites.

Online dating users are beginning to dump dating websites in favor of mobile dating apps.

Meanwhile, unique visitors to mobile dating apps increased 16% in the same time period. mobile dating apps With these growth trends, mobile apps can outpace dating websites in the online dating market within three years.

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It analyses various competitors in the online dating market in India and also discusses gaps and drivers in this market.