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It is a difficult day for some as it reminds them of a recent breakup or difficult divorce. Let's look at some research: What the Research Shows About Marriage and Divorce One of the most common statements that I've seen is "Christians divorce at the same rate as non-Christians," undoubtedly giving the world another opportunity to shout "Hypocrite!

When it comes to marriage and divorce, people are drawn to shocking statistics. Do Christians divorce as often as the rest of the world or even more? " This is controversial statement that is surely going to attract eyes and pageviews, but how accurate is it?

It seems very selfish to make a list of what someone else needs to be for you if you don’t have a detailed list for yourself and what you need to be for them.

As a single person in the church, one of the most important prerequisites to dating and marrying is being the right person.

A parent or grandparent concerned for the marriage of your child or grandchild? ”Are you any of those things and in need of some new reading material come January 3At the outset, the endeavor seems noble: A book, written by folks who want to share the wisdom they have gleaned through a long marriage filled with some difficult moments.– short book with good insight, perspective, and practical advice on navigating singleness and relationships Advice for Young Men by John Harris — a brief article that’s challenging and inspiring. “The New Rules for Sex, Love, and Dating” by Andy Stanley – solid series that’s perceptive, profound, and practical.Also a solid series and a great overview (and very practical) on love, romance, dating, sex, marriage, and family: “The Mingling of Souls” by Matt Chandler.But, many news outlets breathlessly reported that being a conservative Protestant increases your chances of divorce-- even being near those conservative Protestants does so.In a recent article on Canon and Culture that I featured in my Morning Roundup yesterday, Andrew Walker interviews Dr. The article finds that conservative Protestants, and counties with higher shares of conservative Protestants, are indeed more likely to divorce—compared to Americans in other mainstream traditions, from mainline Protestantism to Mormonism to Catholicism.

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Third, the list usually does not account for the future, like the guy who told me it was very important that his future wife love rock climbing, until I explained to him that if they had as many kids as he was hoping for she would not be rock climbing much since it’s not the ideal activity for a pregnant lady.