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Even if the memory device appears to have sufficient free space, data might not be saved if the maximum number of files that can be saved is exceeded. This message might reappear if the machine is operating on a mixed network or if changes were made to network settings during WSD scanning transmission.

The folder displayed in the CF/SD card tool could not be displayed and was, therefore, moved to the root folder.

The common among them are Something Happened and Error code 80240020.

The Windows 10 upgrade errors are generally accompanied with an error code which you can use it as a reference to troubleshoot and fix. If this does not work, use the Windows 10 Media Tool to create a bootable USB, and then install it.

Unmount drive letter failed, please reboot and retry.

You will get this error code in case of below conditions: When change the drive letter failed. The program needs a change of drive letter from D to F, the program needs to unmount the D drive in order to stop the system from occupying it.

The memory device is full and scan data cannot be saved.

If there is any system process running in this drive then the unmount operation end up failing. - partition operations such as resizing partitions, the program needs to unmount the target partition to prevent users from reading the data in it.

If the program failed to unmount, you will get this notice.

(Do not use a USB extension cable)The password cannot be checked. Confirm that there is not a lot of noise occurring.

(Do not use a USB extension cable) This error may also appear when using Ethernet Multilink and the master node transfers screen data while unable to communicate with PLCs.

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