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In addition to the properties above, careful configuration of TLS can provide additional privacy-related properties such as forward secrecy, ensuring that any future disclosure of encryption keys cannot be used to decrypt any TLS communications recorded in the past.TLS supports many different methods for exchanging keys, encrypting data, and authenticating message integrity (see Algorithm below).There were some real gems in the clues, a signature of Erik’s puzzles: I particularly liked Ask me what’s wrong for SIGH, [Figure whose wings melt in the sun] is a great misdirecting clue for SNOW ANGEL (not Icarus), and [Performance that requires a lot of upper body strength] for POLE DANCE. Theme entries are standard words which feature a double-R. And I counted three verb/preposition entries in the grid (PRAY TO, LIVE TO, SWAT AT) plus an AS DEEP which all bring down the fun quotient a bit.

Plenty of really pretty long fill in this one too, especially for a 76-worder: besides the aforementioned SNOW ANGEL, RUM RAISIN, and POLE DANCE, there’s also ADOPT-A-PET and BEEF PATTY. I have tomorrow’s (Friday’s) NYT puzzle, so be gentle, dear readers! The word is split between the Rs and given a wacky clue. I love a good re-parsing theme, and all of these seemed natural and humorous—a good selection of entries implemented well. Mostly, the clues felt straightforward, more so than usual for a Thursday, perhaps because of the wacky theme clues.

“The expression” referenced in 35a/37a is “killing two birds with one stone.” It’s a bit of a stretch to apply the verb “killing” here, but indeed, each of the entries containing one STONE intersects one of the entries containing two BIRDS: SING.

I tore through this one at the beginning, but then I stumbled at the finish.

And of course she will forever be remembered from the song in the movie and stage-show "Grease" called "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee".


The XWord Info Finder page displays clues for any word, or words that match any pattern. Email: If you prefer to remain anonymous, take our survey. Hewitt recently posed for some adorable pregnancy pictures, baring her baby bump for an ad for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark products.And she dished to , Hewitt, 36, and Hallisay, 36, started dating in 2012.KORN, UNTAG, and the conversational ARGH also make their NYT debuts today. A couple clues rubbed me the wrong way though: Good day, crossword lovers!I also see that Erik is, to no one’s surprise, experimenting with grid design, placing a triple-stack of black squares at the top of the first column. Ben is off doing some neato things in Boston for the National Puzzlers League convention, so I hope you don’t mind me (Ade) filling in this week in talking about BEQ’s puzzle.

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This is an interesting way to deal with the challenge of having 14-letter theme entries: the other option, which constrains the center of the grid much more, is to place them in the 4th and 12th rows rather than the 3rd and 13th rows. It’s always a great feeling when you take a stab at what you might think the theme/gimmick of the grid will be before putting in a letter and then finding out that you’re exactly on-point.

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