Lana mckissack and chester see dating

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Lana mckissack and chester see dating

Should assess relationships between sss and all major credit cards accepted of the alpha.Number singles, who want to spend time on week later there was a friend who just keeps saying things along.The Brothers Riedell won the first season, with Lana Mc Kissack as runner-up.The contestants of the first season saw an average subscriber boost of 522%.The third challenge was to use five selected props from the Iconography room and use them in the video.Justin James Hughes was disqualified in this round because he wasn't present at the elimination due to prior-organised filming of a television show.

In order to create it, they each must place an ingredient into a large cauldron in a ritual.The fifth challenge was to create a video as per chosen by the judges.Dayside Productions were challenged to make a horror video, the Fu Music had to make a video in one take - no edit cuts, Lana Mc Kissack had to make a character-driven video in the style of a documentary, Team Morgan had to make a silent video, and the Brothers Riedell had to make an instructional video.Those ten contestants were then due to make a new specific type of video every day until there was only two contestants left.Throughout the judging in the competition, there were various guest judges, many of which were popular You Tube personalities, including Andrew Garcia, Dominic Sandoval, Joe Penna, Dave Days, Kassem G, Jenna Marbles, Brice Beckham and David Fickas.

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The contestants complete challenges at the Los Angeles Center Studios, where the show is also shot. The first season of Internet Icon debuted on the YOMYOMF You Tube channel on June 12, 2012.